Online Backgammon

Backgammon is known as a very old game. But, though it is identified as prehistoric game, there are plenty of online sites offering the game. Online Backgammon also offers the same impression either played in real or concrete casinos. Way back then, the game is played through wooden boards, stones as the markers and bones as the dice. But as the days goes by, there are so many improvements that happened in the game.

Online backgammon is being played just like the game of chess. The game is played by two players. There are other sites online that offer the game free of charge. Though the game is open for all internet users, you are entitled to opt for the opponent that matches you skills. Most of the sites have ranking systems where you can determine the skills opponent of each player and find the one that is right for you.

With the so many sites that offer online backgammon it is definitely hard to find the site that offer the best backgammon online game. There are different factors to consider for the site to categorize as the best one. According to some gamers the two sites that they find offering the best backgammon games are Gammon Empire and the Prime Backgammon. These two sites present great bonuses to existing players and to its new members. Another good thing about the site Gammon Empire is that online backgammon can be played without risking any amount of money because the site provides a no deposit bonus amounting to $3.

About the rules of online backgammon game, there are two players that must play through single die. The first player who will make the first move is the one that gets the highest number. The numbers that was obtained in the throw makes corresponding moves on the board. At the beginning of the game, the checkers are scattered on the board. The main objective of the game is to let the checkers reach their own home board. Once the entire checker reaches their home board, players could start taking out the checkers. Players are entitled to take out their opponent's checkers by landing on them. This can be done once single checker has taken a certain point. The player who was able to bear his entire checker wins the online backgammon game.

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