Sic Bo Poker Strategy

Not many online casino players are familiar with the game of Sic Bo. Yet, with its emphasis on strategy and calculated risk, sic bo is the perfect game for fans of online gaming. The game is easy enough to learn, but mastering the multiple types of bets can take players years.

Making Multiple Bets

In sic bo, three dice are rolled, and players attempt to predict whether the total will be high or low. The roll is considered high if the total of the dice is between 11 and 17, low if it is between 4 and 10, or out if the result is 3 or 18. Players can also place bets on whether the result will be even or odd, or if the dice will all show the same number. The player can also bet any combination of these results, with a different value placed on each bet.

The Odds

Because there are so many different combinations of bets players can make and because there are so many different combination of results and payouts, learning the odds of sic bo can take a player quite some time to master. This makes the game especially attractive to players looking for a challenge. Players can spread their risks with easier bets to cover more difficult bets, or they can double down on their risks. The variety and the ability to calculate risks are what make sic bo so much fun.

With as many online casino games as are out there, it can be fun for players to play something new and unexpected. Sic bo gives players a chance to explore a new way of betting with new and exciting results.

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